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All our curries are made fresh which is why we can offer a variety of options on your curries. We can adjust the heat level, dairy options, add or remove vegetables - whatever, if you can dream it up, we can probably do it! We follow the strictest guidelines and far exceed hospitality expectations on cleanliness..


Don't even get me started on quality. I'm always looking at ways to improve on our quality. Checking out our spice mixes, adding new ingredients, removing others , slow roasting some spices while frying others to get the spices to release their full flavour and aroma. It’s a never ending soap opera. But it’s the work behind the scenes ( the part the customers never get to see ) that makes all the difference. Which is why we say: “ You won’t believe the difference! ”


We work hard to ensure our premises are sparkling. We follow the strictest guidelines and far exceed hospitality expectations on cleanliness. Now to our curries. Let me tell you what a freshly made curry is all about: When you open the lid, firstly the fresh amazing aroma – take a deep …. Aaahhh …. Next your curry should LOOK fresh and appetizing – if you have two or more curries – each curry will have it’s own aroma, taste and texture – all different. Finally, the taste. This should BLOW you away. The taste of a freshly made curry is like no other. We go one step further – we are proud of our kitchen and our standards and as such have nothing to hide (except a few teeny weeny secrets ) and so we welcome you to try your hand at cooking …. Introducing …..

Chef for your Table

Ever had the urge to work a restaurant kitchen? to go behind the scenes and actually help out? Well you can … How? Simple. You need to book a table for four or more including yourself and let us know you would like to be CHEF FOR YOUR TABLE. On the night you will help prepare the Mains for your table.( With our help of course). You will get to see how things really work, our special methods and spices ( sorry, secrets will remain secret!) See CHEF Pervez for details.

Love Chili?

FIREBOMBS – think you can eat hot? Try these live grenades. CHICKEN HAI – HAI – without a doubt Brisbane’s hottest curry! You’d have to be out of your mind to try this …….. or drunk. We look forward to seeing you soon



  • Sara & Kevin

    "I heard the garden was under new management...we we went out on a Friday night for dinner. The place was so beautiful and the staff was wonderful, helpful. The food was outstanding. There was a private party going on in the side room. Everyone was having a wonderful time. It is nice to have a place to go where it does not hurt your pocket and you can have a great time.... the entertainment was also a nice touch...

  • Moira & Brett

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